‘Why Good Marriages Go Bad: How to Make Sure Yours Lasts’ is a six chapter, how-to book designed for Christian couples who know their marriages are failing but can’t (i.e., time and cost) or won’t seek professional counseling. It is psychologically and biblically solid, easily understood, and directly applicable. ‘Why Good Marriages Fail’ includes many case examples that illustrate the various concepts and principles that are described; a series of simple tests to help a couple objectively clarify what is wrong; an assortment of helpful diagrams to visualize relational processes; and thought-provoking ‘His and Her’ questions at the end of every chapter.

‘Why Good Marriages Go Bad’ not only explains the actual process of how a marriage dies, but also helps a couple pinpoint their state of deterioration. This process is discussed in detail and explicit intervention strategies are suggested for each state. Rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ corrective approach, this book meets a couple where they are and offers balanced, insightful advice.

‘Why Good Marriages Go Bad’ offers balanced, insightful advice from a biblical perspective. It puts the couple in charge of turning their marriage around while empowering them to become their own best counselor. Couples are given the freedom to work at their own pace and in their own particular relational style.

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