This kind of relationship requires an emotional investment from both partners. There is a consistent effort to strengthen the emotional bond by engaging in the following behaviors: 

  1. Spend quality time together.
  2. Engage in physical affection.
  3. Have regular, meaningful conversations.
  4. Be open and transparent with one another.
  5. Listen attentively to one another.
  6. Share hopes, dreams, and vulnerabilities with one another.
  7. Verbally praise, encourage, and express appreciation for one another.
  8. Demonstrate tolerance and patience with one another.
  9. Initiate sexual intimacy on a regular basis.
  10. Work through conflict constructively.
  11. Have fun and relax together.
  12. Share one another’s emotional pain.
  13. Respect each other’s boundaries.
  14. Meet another’s emotional needs.
  15. Demonstrate love and respect.
  16. Show random acts of kindness.

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