Changing Your Relationships

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Do You Have a Healthy, Intimate Marriage?

February 11th, 2020|

This kind of relationship requires an emotional investment from both partners. There is a consistent effort to strengthen the emotional bond by engaging in the following behaviors:  Spend quality time together. Engage in physical affection. Have regular, meaningful conversations. Be open and transparent with one another. Listen attentively to one [...]


December 28th, 2018|Tags: |

Forgiveness Ephesians 4:32   In a fallen world, forgiveness is essential to maintain close relationships. We all need forgiveness and we all need to grant forgiveness, because we all sin and we all have been sinned against. But asking for and granting forgiveness are not easy tasks! It’s not an [...]

The Strong-Willed Spouse: When Being Right Can Make Everything Wrong

December 28th, 2018|Tags: |

The Strong-Willed Spouse: When Being Right Can Make Everything Wrong “Don’t be stubborn like a horse or mule. They need a bit and bridle in their mouth to restrain them, or they will not come near you.” Ps. 32:9  You’re in the middle of another argument with your partner. They’re driving [...]

Teaching Your Child How to Manage Anger Biblically

December 28th, 2018|Tags: |

Teaching Your Child How to Manage Anger Biblically Introduction: A child that does not learn to handle his/her anger in a biblically appropriatemanner will experience a lifetime of personal and interpersonal problems (i.e. social/relational, emotional, occupational, spiritual, physical, etc.). Ideally, anger management skills should be taught during a child’s formative [...]