1. Does your partner enjoy humiliating you in public?

2. Do you find that the way your partner treated you at the beginning of the relationship is unrecognizable from the way they treat you now?

3. Are you persistently made to feel guilty for voicing your concerns in the relationship?

4. Does your partner shame you about the qualities or traits you have that they once praised?

5. Does your partner shut down conversations about their behavior before you have a chance to begin?

6. Is your partner nicer and more respectful to others in public than they are to you behind closed doors?

7. When your partner gives you the silent treatment do they come back and pretend like nothing ever happened?

8. Does your partner continuously claim that you’re too sensitive when you express your emotions?

9. Do you find yourself questioning your own reality on a daily basis?

10. Have you been made to doubt things that you know for a fact your partner has said or done?

11. Does your partner call you names when he or she doesn’t get their way?

12. Are you afraid to express your true feelings around your partner because of the way they’ve reacted to you in the past?

13. Do you feel like your accomplishments are belittled, ignored or minimized by your partner?

14. How often are you made to feel insecure and invisible when your partner engages in conversations with people of the opposite sex?

15. Does your partner frequently compare you to others in a demeaning way in terms of appearance, personality, success or any other aspect of yourself?

16. Do you feel like you’re always walking on eggshells around this person?

17. Does the way your partner looks at or talks about the opposite sex make you feel uncomfortable?

18. Has your partner reminded you of how lucky you are to have them?

19. Does your partner have frequent rage attacks?

20.If you call out your partner’s behavior do they become excessively angry?

21. Are you allowed to ever point out your partner’s mistakes even in a lighthearted manner?

22. Does your partner make you feel ashamed about the qualities and accomplishments you used to be proud of?

23. Do you find yourself apologizing for things you’re not at fault for in the relationship?

24. Has your partner ever compared you to others?

25. Do you find yourself apologizing for the mistakes that your partner made?

26. Has your partner accused you of having flaws that they themselves possess?

27. Has your partner turned the things you used to enjoy doing into things you dread doing?

28. Does your body react when you’re around your partner?

29. Do you feel overly anxious when you think about how your partner treats you?

30. Is your partner never satisfied with anything you do?

31. Do you have to ask permission from your partner before you do something?

32. Is your partner envious and hateful when you’re happy and successful?

33. Does your partner seem happy when you’re in pain?

34. Does your partner attempt to rescue and ‘play the savior’ for the emotional pain they have caused?

35. Does your partner give you more negative feedback and criticism than they do encouragement?

36. Has your partner punished you for making choices independent of them?

37. Have you ever felt restricted in seeing your loved ones because of your partner?

38. Does your partner frequently call or text to “check-in” when you’re not with them?

39. Has your partner ever coerced you into sexual activities you weren’t comfortable with?

40. Has your partner ever made you feel guilty for not having sex with them?

41. Do you fear to leave your partner because they might harm you or themselves?

42. Does your partner discourage you from pursuing dreams or goals?

43. Do you feel like you’re pleading for your partner’s affection or attention?

44. Has your partner insulted you claiming that it was just a joke?

45.Has your partner said that you are too sensitive?

46. Does your partner become angry when you attempt to set a boundary?

47. When your partner is acting kind does it seem out of place with the way they normally act?

48. Does your partner alternate between being affectionate and cold?

49. Do you have a hard time believing your partner really loves you?

50. Does your partner make you feel sorry for them after mistreating you?