1. Do you feel like you often “on eggshells” with this person?

2. Do you find yourself frequently upset and angry with this person?

3. Does this person emotionally drain you?

4. Do you find yourself rehearsing conversations you had with this person?

5. Have you emotionally distance yourself from this person?

6. Do you find yourself talking to others about this person behind their back?

7. Do you have a hard time seeing any good traits in this person?

8. Does this person rarely admit that they are wrong?

9. Does this person frequently hurt your feelings?

10. Does the person have an addiction that affects the relationship?

11. Do you fantasize about leaving your relationship with this person?

12. Do you find yourself frustrated and confused about how to deal with this person?

13. Does your relationship with a person create anxiety or depression?

14. Do you feel emotionally abused or mistreated by this person?

15. Do you wonder why you tolerate this person’s bad behavior?

16. Do you find yourself reacting rather than responding to this person?

17. Does the person not listen to you or care about your thoughts and feelings?

18. Do you find yourself in frequent conflict with this person?

19. Do you find yourself overreacting to this person?

20. Do you sense the tension in your relationship with this person?

21. Does this person seem to be angry with you most of the time?

22. Does the relationship seem to cycle between good and bad?

23. Does this person make minimal effort to change the relationship?

24. Do you feel that you can rarely make this person happy?

25. Do you sometimes wish you had never met this person?